KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge investigates the construction, transmission, and contestation of forms of knowledge from antiquity to today. What people know and how they claim to know it, the very choice of things as objects of knowledge, are products of history, politics, and culture. The flagship publication of the Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, KNOW uncovers and explicates this vast terrain in both the past and the present.

What people, institutions and cultures know and how they claim to know it are ever more important questions in the time of the internet, social media, and so-called fake news, but these topics have always been significant. In the sciences, they drive the formation of the very questions that lead to future progress; in humanistic endeavors, they are implicated in self-formation and cultural norms. 

Intended for scholars and general readers of the humanities, social sciences, and the history of science, this journal focuses on (a) the historical and social context of forms of knowledge, (b) the rise and decline of claims to legitimacy across multiple fields of inquiry, and (c) the critique of explanatory paradigms, past and present.



Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer is the Helen A. Regenstein Distinguished Service Professor of Classics at the University of Chicago and Director of the Institute on the Formation of Knowledge. She has broad expertise in Greco-Roman literature and philosophy and in the reception of the Classics in contemporary China.



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The first issue of KNOW, released in Spring 2017.