Jordan Bimm features in CBC New’s article, SpaceX’s second launch of massive Starship postponed until Saturday

November 20, 2023

The attempt we saw last time back in April, the Starship failed to separate from the Super Heavy booster," said Jordan Bimm

Kristine Palmieri Highlights Women Astronomers in New Article for Physics Today

November 06, 2023

In “They were astronomers,” IFK postdoctoral researcher Kristine Palmieri presents the vibrant history of women workers at UChicago’s Yerkes Observatory in the early twentieth century.

Big Brains Podcast: What Ripples in Space-Time Tell Us About the Universe with Daniel Holz

October 10, 2023

UChicago cosmologist discusses discovery of gravitational waves and colliding black holes.

Tom Ginsburg features in The College Fix’s article, ‘Free and open discourse’ forum launched at UChicago

October 05, 2023

A new forum dedicated to “free and open discourse” will launch this week at the University of Chicago. Professor Tom Ginsburg will serve as the faculty director of the Chicago Forum

Prof. William G. Howell features in Voa news article, Vowing to Defend Democracy, Biden Hits Hard at Trump

September 29, 2023

Prof. William G. Howell discusses the impact of Trump's legal battles on voter opinions