How Jeff Bezos’ Space Launch Today Will Change Aerospace History

July 21, 2021

With millions watching the meticulously stage-managed suborbital spaceflights by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, it’s tempting to conjure the image of a new space race between rival companies.

Four Things on Formations: Yan Slobodkin

June 10, 2021

After a year and change of nonstop zooms and minimal meatspace working and socializing, the first book I reached for when I finished my last remote class of the quarter was The Twittering Machine...

Manufactured Uncertainty and the Media History of Risk

May 13, 2021

A blog post issued by Oak Ridge Associated Universities documents an event in 1945 when x-ray photographers first felt the impacts of continental nuclear testing, even if they didn’t recognize...

Four Things on Formations: Alex Campolo

May 10, 2021

A round-up of thought-provoking things from Alex Campolo, postdoctoral fellow at SIFK.

Who Unearths the Past?: On the Work of The Dig

February 09, 2021

Joe Stadolnik watches The Dig, and sheds light on an obscure excavator of the past unlikely to inspire a Netflix movie

Covid-19 and the Long History of Racially Maldistributed Mortality

May 26, 2020

Alexander Mazzaferro investigates America's long history of racial disparity and its impact on the nation's COVID-19 response.

Knowing Uncertainty: How Science Fiction Helps us Make Sense of the Pandemic

May 04, 2020

Anastasia Klimchynskaya draws parallels between Sci-Fi and our current world to show how literature can help us understand COVID-19 and our uncertain future.

In Search of Plagues Past

April 27, 2020

Margaret Carlyle looks to past pandemics to gain insight on COVID-19.

Using Quantitative Models to Guide Policy Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

April 24, 2020

Nobel Laureate and SIFK Faculty Member Lars Peter Hansen shares his thoughts on the global pandemic and using quantitative models to guide policy amid COVID-19 uncertainty

The Limits of Empathy

April 20, 2020

Yan Slobodkin explores the space between empathy and justice.

Flattening the Curve: Visualization and Pandemic Knowledge

April 01, 2020

SIFK Postdoc Alex Campolo breaks down how we look at pandemics like COVID-19