The IFK research theme of artificial intelligence (AI) will encompasses everything from its historical roots, uses and biases in modern AI applications, to future implications of emerging developments, and will culminate in a major international conference. IFK’s 2021-22 theme is AI in the broadest sense possible. We do not limit artificial intelligence to machine learning or machines that mimic cognitive human functions (speech, chess, OCR), but seek its elaboration beyond the “Turing Test” to all the modes of augmented (not imitative) intelligence.  This includes the disparate fields of animal systems, genetics, science fiction, the history of technology, and the forms of logic.  In particular, we wish to bring together these burgeoning subfields that extend beyond traditional AI yet have not always communicated well with each other, and in so doing explore “ensembles of intelligence.” A conference on the topic is scheduled for October 13-15, 2022. More details to come.