The Vossius Center aims to investigate the position and development of knowledge-making disciplines, in the past and present.

Interactions between humanities, sciences and social sciences show that the search for new knowledge is greatly facilitated by a reflection on the interdisciplinary history of our current knowledge. It is thus our conviction that with a post-disciplinary historiographical approach, we can find valuable answers for the future.

The Vossius Center explicitly aims to explore new research directions in the history of the humanities and sciences as well as in university history, through workshops, lectures, master classes and actively stimulating research funding. We also have several internal funding options.

  • Research: historiography of the humanities, science, social science, medicine and university history, so as to arrive at a post-disciplinary perspective on the development of knowledge.
  • Research-based Education: a new course on “The Next Big Thing in Science and Humanities” with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Valorisation: public lectures, exhibitions, presentation in the media and other disseminations.
  • Fund raising: stimulating and commenting research proposals for NWO, ERC, ESF and Horizon 2020.