The German Historical Institute (GHI) in Washington, D.C. is an internationally recognized center for advanced study. It serves as a transatlantic bridge connecting American and European scholars and seeks to make their research accessible to decision-makers in the public and private sectors as well as to a general audience. Read on

The German Historical Institute's work is at the forefront of international historical and interdisciplinary research and covers a broad geographic, methodological, and thematic spectrum. The GHI's research agenda is international and includes German, European, and American history as well as comparative and transnational history. The Institute's research projects also represent the remarkable diversity of approaches that has come to characterize the field of history in recent decades - including political, economic, social, cultural, gender, religious, environmental, and legal history. Current foci of GHI research include the history of knowledge, digital history, as well as the subject areas "religion and ethnicity" and "space and boundaries." 

IFK and the German Historical Institute are collaborating on Volume 3.2 of KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge entitled "Knowledge and Young Migrants," based on the papers presented during the 2017 annual conference of the German Studies Association. The issue is scheduled to release Fall 2019. 

IFK and GHI also collaborated on an international conference titled "Political Culture and the History of Knowledge: Actors, Institutions, Practices," which took place in Washington, D.C. in June 6-8, 2019. 

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