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Yes, the Chinese care about the Western classics

January 30, 2023

IFK's Professor Shadi Bartsch features in the Princeton University Press as they analyze the growth in popularity and the influence of Western classics in China
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Artificial intelligence on the rise

January 27, 2023

Wisconsin Public Radio featuring IFK's Rebecca Willet discusses the potential uses and security challenges to AI
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Jordan Bimm featured in The Scientific American “Artemis I Launches U.S.‘s Long-Awaited Return to the Moon”

November 16, 2022

Artemis I: The first flight test of the world’s most powerful rocket will send an uncrewed spacecraft to lunar orbit and back.
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Pig to human heart transplants are the future. Are we ready for it?

September 05, 2022

The Guardian article featuring IFK postdoc, Brad Bolman, on how xenotransplantation experts have chosen pigs to shape the future of organ transplant in humans.
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Beagles are in the news after decades as key players in medical research

August 31, 2022

IFK Postdoc Brad Bolman on the long history of beagles helping to produce scientific breakthroughs — for dogs and humans, in the Washington Post
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The Symptom to Diagnosis Podcast featuring Adam Cifu

August 25, 2022

IFK Faculty Adam Cifu on Joint Pain
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Planetary Urbanization and Operational Landscapes (Podcast with Neil Brenner and Nikos Katsikis)

August 12, 2022

Circular Metabolism Podcast: Planetary Urbanization and Operational Landscapes with IFK Faculty Prof. Neil Brenner and Prof. Nikos Katsikis

William Howell, Anthony Fowler & Wioletta Dziuda on Their Podcast “Not Another Politics Podcast”

July 27, 2022

IFK Faculty William Howell along with UChicago professors Anthony Fowler and Wioletta Dziuda discuss their podcast “Not Another Politics Podcast.”
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Genevieve Lakier on the interpretations of the First Amendment

June 09, 2022

IFK Faculty Genevieve Lakier: "First Amendment politics are more complicated, uncertain, and, well, just plain weird than they have been in a long time”
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More diversity in space

June 08, 2022

Science Historian Jordan Bimm comments on diversity and access in space travel
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Adam Cifu: Can we learn how to understand each other while we disagree over pandemic issues?

May 24, 2022

IFK Faculty Adam Cifu for the Chicago Tribune
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Workshop co-hosted by Claudia Brittenham offers students the opportunity to study rare documents from New Spain

May 24, 2022

Young scholars visited the archives at the Newberry Library in Chicago led by Seonaid Valiant from the ASU Library and IFK Faculty Claudia Brittenham
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Will Russian officials be prosecuted for war crimes? It’s complicated.

April 19, 2022

IFK Faculty and UChicago Law Professor Tom Ginsburg on whether Russian officials will be prosecuted for war crimes
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Austan Goolsbee on the Fed’s Fight against Inflation

April 12, 2022

Austan Goolsbee, the Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Obama White House and IFK Faculty, joined "Bloomberg Markets: America" to preview the US Inflation data