2021-22 Thesis & Dissertation Award Winners!

September 27, 2022

Read about our BA, MAPSS Thesis, and Dissertation Award Winners!

William Howell, Anthony Fowler & Wioletta Dziuda on Their Podcast “Not Another Politics Podcast”

July 27, 2022

IFK Faculty William Howell along with UChicago professors Anthony Fowler and Wioletta Dziuda discuss their podcast “Not Another Politics Podcast.”

Nine Questions with Eric Oliver

May 26, 2022

New podcast created by IFK Faculty Eric Oliver on how to your self

Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota series 2022 Hugo Awards Finalist

April 12, 2022

IFK Faculty Ada Palmer's series Terra Ignota is a 2022 Hugo Award Finalist for Best Series!

“The Maintenance of Ambiguity in Martian Exobiology”, co-authored by Jordan Bimm

March 01, 2022

New article co-authored by Jordan Bimm in the journal Social Studies of Science (SSS) about how astrobiologists sustain their scientific search for life in the cosmos without ever finding any

Ada Palmer presenting at Boskone, New England’s oldest science fiction convention

February 11, 2022

Boskone is the annual science fiction convention of New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) and the oldest science fiction/fantasy/horror [SF/F/H] convention in New England.

Ada Palmer Releases New Book with Seminary Coop

November 04, 2021

The event will include a reading, a Q&A and a book signing.

Eve Ewing selected to give the faculty welcome at the inauguration of President Paul Alivisatos

October 27, 2021

Ewing is an award-winning author and sociologist of education whose work focuses on the impact of racism and social inequality in K-12 public school systems

The Crisis of American Democracy

October 15, 2021

How can we safeguard American democracy now and for the future? Join the online event on Nov 11, jointly sponsored by Stanford and University of Chicago.

IFK Cultures and Knowledge Workshop Series

October 08, 2021


Haun Saussy in Conversation with Grammy Award Winning Third Coast Director David Skidmore at Chicago Humanities Festival

October 05, 2021

Haun Saussy on Archetypes, a film which captures Third Coast performing the entire album in-studio

Rochona Majumdar Art Cinema and India’s Forgotten Futures Book Salon

October 04, 2021

Join a 3CT salon Nov 1 to celebrate the publication of IFK Faculty Rochona Majumdar’s new book, Art Cinema and India’s Forgotten Futures: Film and History in the Postcolony

2022-24 Research Theme: Knowledge in Diaspora

October 01, 2021


The power and politics of fetal imagery

October 01, 2021

IFK Faculty Brian Callendar and Former Postdoc Margaret Carlyle explore the history of the image of the fetus and current implications on politics, policy and culture in The Lancet