Faculty Research Grant Recipient, Public Schools, Public Knowledge

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Professor Ewing is a qualitative sociologist of education whose work is centered around two primary questions: how do racism and other large-scale structures of social inequality impact the everyday lives and experiences of young people; how can K-12 public school systems serve to interrupt or perpetuate these social problems, and what role can educators, policymakers, families, community members, and young people themselves play in understanding, acknowledging, and disrupting them.

Beyond her research, she is author of poetry collections including Electric Arches919, and has written the Ironheart and Champions series for Marvel Comics. She is also a visual artist and podcaster. 

Public Schools, Public Knowledge (PSPK) is a tool for addressing the difficulty of implementing research in the classroom. as well as a means of understanding how teachers conceptualize, analyze, and make use of scholarly knowledge. PSPK will be a free online database offering research summaries: short synopses of findings from peer-reviewed research relevant to public school teachers and their practice, curated and organized according to their stated interests and areas of need.

The project will build a pilot database consisting of 70 summaries of peer reviewed research on topics chosen from Chicago Public Schools' Continuous Improvement Work Plans, with the plan to host more research summaries as it engages with more audiences. The recipients also plan to conduct a survey to better understand the frequency with which teachers implement education research findings in their classroom.