Results for: KNOW 40307: Seeing and Knowing

KNOW 40307: Seeing and Knowing

  • Course Level: Graduate
  • Department: Art History, Cinema and Media Studies
  • Year: 2019-20
  • Term: Spring
  • Tue 3:30pm-6:20pm
  • ARTH 40308, CHSS 40307, CMST 47007
  • Alex Campolo

The concept of visuality attends to the ways in which things become seeable, knowable, and governable. Scholars who study optical instruments, architecture, cinema, and media have done much to show us how visual technologies change our ways of seeing. Others in the history of science study how practices of observation transform our understanding of nature—and ourselves. 
This comparative course analyzes regimes of visuality in different cultural and historical contexts. After a short introduction on the philosophy of visual experience and psychology of visual perception, we will investigate a series of configurations of seeing and knowing. These sites range from the history of disability to contemporary climate science, and students will be asked to contribute visual topics from their own research or disciplines for collective exploration in our seminar. Through comparative study, we will work to develop new categories or relationships for linking perception and knowledge.