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IFK MAPSS Core: Ways of Knowing

  • Course Level: Graduate; undergraduate with permission
  • Department: History, MAPSS
  • Year: 2021-22
  • Term: Winter
  • KNOW 36054, HIST 35103
  • Katherine Buse and Isabel Gabel

This seminar introduces students to the processes of knowledge formation that shape our understandings of nature, our theories of social life, and our projections of possible futures. “Ways of Knowing” examines how claims to knowledge emerge out of disciplinary, historical, and political contexts, as well as local cultural factors both explicit and unspoken. How do we decide  what we know and don’t know? How have societies produced, stabilized, or disrupted knowledge? How do techniques of inscription, observation and mediation—like seismographs, experiments, and simulations—allow us to see what we know and to know what we see? The course will take an expansive approach to knowledge formation by considering the interface of epistemology, social theory, technology, and governance.

"Ways of Knowing" is a required seminar for all students wishing to undertake the Formation of Knowledge MAPSS track. This course fulfills the elective requirement for a new MAPSS concentration on the Formation of Knowledge This course counts towards the MAPSS graduate methods requirement.